The exhibition Great Villas of Poland as a part of an international project Via Villas realised by Foibos publishing opens to public on 20th March 2013 in the Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw. HS99 is represented with H5 in Nowe Bielice and H9 located in Koszalin – Lubiatowo.

Museum of architecture in Wroclaw 21 th March – 5th May 2013 Ceremonial opening of exhibition takes place on 20 th March at 4.00 p.m. in the Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw in Bernadyńskiej 5 Street.

The project Great Villas of Poland is realised under the honourable patronage of the Polish president´s wife, Mrs Anna Komorowska.

The auspices were given by the Czech embassador in Poland, Mr Jan Sechter and the major of Wroclaw, Mr Rafał Dutkiewicz.

The exhibition was realised with a financial support of European Commission and the Culture program, MKiDN of Poland, Adam Mickiewicz Institute and the Ministry of Culture in CR. Apart from our partner, the Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw the preparation was done in cooperation with other significant Polish and Czech institutions.

The Great Villas of Poland presents mainly family residences built from 18th century up to now. It is an overview of villa architecture of the whole Poland. The audience will be presented the total of ninety three villas and family residences. An axis of the exhibition and a publication are the life stories of architects and builders connected with the history of individual houses. Each house speaks for itself; it shows under what circumstances it was created, reflects the environment and period of origin. Selected buildings are examples of architectonic thinking and lifestyle characterising their creators, owners and inhabitants.

Exhibition panels are accompanied by historical and current photos and plans.

Authorial team consist of the following: Ryszard Nakonieczny ? editor, Andrzej Mendocha – technical editor; authors Jerzy Ilkosz, Vladimír Šlapeta, Elżbieta Przesmycka, Beate Stoertkuhl, Joanna Olenderek, Maciej Olenderek, Anna Syska, Przemysław Czernek, Tomasz Malkowski, Paweł Wąsowski, Maciej Janowski, Michał Duda, Maria Jolanta Sołtysik, Jadwiga Urbanik and Piotr Marciniak, photographers Tomasz Zakrzewski, Stanisław Klimek and others.

The exposition will be later presented in other places of the Polish Republic, the Czech Republic and other countries.

From 28 th May until 30 th June 2013 the whole project Via Villas will be presented at the international conference and exhibition in the building of Altiero Spinelli in the European Parliament in Brussels.