Single Family House
location: Great Koszalin Area
project: 2016-17
construction: 2017-2018

The house is located near Koszalin. Access to the site was provided from an unpaved public road at the east side. Access to the site was provided through a gate and a gate located opposite the main entrance to the building.

Designed in the shape of an elongated rectangle, the building with dimensions of 26.06 x 9.56 m is located in the northern part of the site, optimally zoning the site into a public part from the road side and a private part from the garden side.

The main entrance is designed on the east-west axis, which runs through the center of the building, and on which a two-story terrace was designed, which is the center of the house and an element connecting the interior with the garden space. The north-south axis is a less official connection that provides communication between the garage, wardrobe, pantry and kitchen.

ANALOG, Koszalin
project team: 
Rafał Taracha, Marta Furmańska, Kinga Zakościelna
Maciej Tryba

interior design: 

Concept Architektura Wnętrz

under construction






Working drawings: